everyone should belong

Every place you go or service you use, you know what businesses you’ll be going back to. There’s something almost sing-songy about good service that leaves you skipping to get back! What are some of those places for you?

If I were to poll a group of people in College Station, here are the places they would most certainly like: Chick-Fil-A, Buc-ee’s, Disney, and HEB.

Chick-Fil-A has a clean space, a welcoming atmosphere, their employees use top-notch manners, and the quality of their product is sublime.

Buc-ee’s will always have the cleanest and most available restrooms, the best road snacks, and everything else you didn’t know you needed. Plus, they treat their workers really well, and it shows!

Disney is world-class at championing the people who can do nothing for them: kids. Everything they do at their parks is to get you to think and see like a kid again. Their customer service is on a whole other level.

HEB is nationally known for helping in emergency situations, known for local produce and items like fresh-made tortillas, and they always have way more lines open than another major store that’s blue and yellow. We won’t name names.

When you think of your favorite service-related places, why doesn’t anyone think of church?

I want to make an argument for you to chew on. The network that modern-day church has created is pretty vast. We’re friends and partners with a bunch of different churches across the nation, and “Guest Services” is our universal term for “Welcome Teams.”

So, if we’re a Guest Services team… aren’t we pretty much the customer service department? If you just groaned, you’re about to prove my point!

No one likes customer service. It used to be where things went to die. But in the early 2000’s there was a spike in quality customer service because bigger businesses began to realize that if they were going to keep their customers happy in the midst of huge growth, they had to keep it about the people. The same is true of church.

Our guiding principle as a team is “Everyone should belong at church.”

Notice how I said “should”. I can’t make the blanket statement that everyone belongs at church, because I think that implies that we think that they think they belong. And if you’ve ever known anyone that has walked away from church, you’ll know that’s simply not true.

So, how do we change their minds? How do we create the best possible customer service in a church? Is that possible?

Creating a winning atmosphere at church takes trust, perseverance and time. Building relationships is at the core of serving the guest, and this will take trust. Sometimes, people want to be invisible until they want to be seen and helped – and it will take perseverance to be available for them when they’re ready.

Just like Disney or Chick-Fil-A, it takes a great foundation to keep building on top of it. They believe that their guests deserve the best, and the church can take a page out of their book. All it takes is a commitment to believe that everyone should belong at church.

(PS- more to come on this at our Welcome Teams big event on March 22nd! Have you RSVPd?)

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