the sticky truth

Every lie we buy into about ourselves is rooted in what we believe about God.

Jennie Allen

If you don’t know the author Jennie Allen, I highly recommend her. The quote above is from one of her newer books called Get Out of Your Head and ever since I read that in her devotional version of the book the other day, I cannot stop thinking about it.

I say with my mouth that I believe big things about God, but when it comes to “little ol’ me,” I have to admit that it is easier for my doubts to creep in. I’m essentially telling myself that God can give burning bush moments to everyone except me. Maybe it’s because, in the most unhealthy corners of my brain, I sometimes believe that I don’t deserve it. Or that my problems aren’t as big as cancer or plague or wildfires. But I know in my head that God cares deeply about my minute problems and requests just as much as the world’s big ones.

And I know I’m not the only one because if we all lived like we believed God’s promises, well… you and I would be living much better lives. So, how do we translate what we know in our head to our heart?

A staffer on the Seattle Seahawks put this together for the team to remind them who they are in Jesus before who they are to the NFL. It’s so easy for us to define ourselves by what we do, as a profession or in our homes, that we forget who God has called us to be. We nod along in church with the truths we hear, but we don’t allow these truths to change who we are — our identity.

The truth is this: if you don’t know who you are, then the truths don’t stick.

If we read that list of all the things Jesus says that we are to him, but we still let the world influence us in a negative way, or worse we’re indifferent in the day-to-day, can we honestly say that we’ve been changed by the Gospel?

It doesn’t make us less Christian, but it makes us more human. And that’s okay. But you know what’s cool? Jesus doesn’t change. He was all-human and all-God at the exact same time and you know what he said? In John 2:24-25 it says, “But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people. He did not need any testimony about mankind, for he knew what was in each person.”

In other words, what I believe doesn’t determine who God is. Who God is forever changes who I am.

Let’s look at that first quote again: “Every lie we buy into about ourselves is rooted in what we believe about God.” I’m just grateful that what God sees me do to fail him each day doesn’t change who he believes me to be, or who he’s called me to be. (Can I get an amen?!)

So, let’s flip the script. Let’s read the Bible like we don’t know that it’s actually going to rain on Noah… like we don’t know what plague is coming next… like we don’t know that Jesus is about to rise from the dead.

The famous teacher and pastor Andy Stanley likes to remind us that the fact that Jesus did what he said he was going to do (raise from the dead) is all the proof we need that he’s worth laying our lives down for. Let that change your life. Let that change your every day. Let it change how you love.

You are holy. You’re washed clean. You are beloved.

Make these truths stick!

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